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Chinese name: Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance

English name: ZHONGGUANCUN Green Mine Industry Alliance (ZGMIA)

The purpose of the alliance: guided by technological innovation, focusing on intensive resource utilization, scientific mining methods, standardized enterprise management, standardized production safety, modernized production technology, and ecological mine environment, to contribute to the realization of economic transformation and sustainable development .

The slogan of the alliance: improve the technical level of green mines, lead the modernization and transformation of mines, innovate the management mode of green mines, and promote the sustainable development of social economy.

Contact information of Zhongguancun Green Mine Industry Alliance Secretariat:

Secretary-General: Wang Liang 13910202217

Address: B617, Huizhi Building, Xueqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing

E-mail: 4928625@qq.com

Zip code: 100083

Tel: 010-53688356

Fax: 010-53688339