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Introduction to the Enfei International Project


The company has constructed 12,000 engineering projects in over 30 countries and regions to date. Projects are being carried out in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, Vietnam, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, Liberia, Kenya, Eritrea, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada, Romania, and other countries and regions.

International projects in which China Enfei is involved include the Liqin OBI Laterite Nickel Wet Smelting Project, the first modern nickel-cobalt smelter completed in Indonesia. The Congo (Gold) Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mineral Processing Project is the world's largest high-grade copper mine on a large scale. The Mirador copper mine in Ecuador is the first large-scale solid mine in Ecuador and the first major copper mine in South America built to meet Chinese standards. The Papua New Guinea Rimu nickel-cobalt project was awarded the "China Industry Awards Commendation Award". It represents the largest single investment by a Chinese-funded enterprise in overseas non-ferrous metal mining, smelting, and refining joint project ventures. The Dagongshan nickel laterite project in Myanmar represents the largest joint mining, beneficiation, and metallurgy endeavor between China and Myanmar. The project has been awarded the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress" for its significant contributions to the mining industry. The Chambishi Copper Mining and Smelting Joint Project in Zambia is the first non-ferrous metal mine invested by China overseas. The Congo (Gold) Bombi Copper-cobalt Mine is a full-process copper wet smelting project with the shortest production time in Africa. The Gamsberg zinc mine in South Africa is one of the largest zinc mines in the world. The HUSAB Sulphur Acid Plant in Namibia is China's largest industrial investment project in Africa. The SK Mine Shaft Project in India is the largest overseas mixed-use development built to Chinese standards and upgraded on a large scale. The Vietnam Shengquan Copper Mining and Smelting Joint Project is the first overseas application of China's patented SKS technology. The Shandak Copper and Gold Joint Enterprise Project in Pakistan is China's first joint project on nonferrous metal mining and metallurgy overseas.

Project name

Construction content

Year of construction

Asmara Copper-Gold Polymetallic Mine, Eritrea

Gold mine heap leaching plant: 1 million tons/year Copper-zinc mineral processing plant: 4 million tons/year EPC


Mirador Copper Mine Phase I + II, Ecuador

Phase II: 46.2 million tons/year (expansion) mining and selection engineering and production auxiliary system construction drawing design

Phase I: Construction drawing design of 20 million tons/year acquisition and selection project

2022in progress


Shandak Copper and Gold Joint Enterprise Project in Pakistan

2.75 million tons/year concentrator EPC


Simandou Iron Ore Mine in Guinea

60 million tons/year iron ore mining design


Congo (Gold) Kamoa-Kakula Copper Mineral Processing Project

Phase III Basic design +EPCM: 5 million tons/year of processing in the concentrator

Phase II: 3.8 million tons/year concentrator EPCM

2022Phase III in progress

2020Phase II has been completed

Indonesia CNI Nickel-iron EPC Project

Phase II and III: Annual output of 12,500 tons of nickel

Phase I: nickel-iron fire process plant containing 25,000 tons of nickel/year

Phase II and III: 2020

Phase I: 2019

Bakuta Tungsten Mine in Kazakhstan

Mining and beneficiation design of 3.3 million tons of tungsten ore


Liqin OBI Laterite Nickel Project

The treatment of laterite nickel ore capacity is approximately 3 million tons/year (dry base) based on producing nickel-cobalt hydroxide as the final product EP

2018 (completed)

Gamsberg Zinc Ore Concentrator, South Africa

4 million tons/year zinc detailed design

2017 (completed)

Congo (Gold) Bombi Copper-cobalt Mine

High-grade ore 3.16 million tons/year, heap leaching process 330,000 tons/year consulting and design

2017 (completed)

Soremi Lead Zinc Mine, Brazzaville, Congo

Cathode copper 20,000 tons/year mining and smelting

2014 (completed)

HUSAB Sulphur Acid Plant in Namibia

1,500M tons PD sulfuric acid plant EPC

2014 (completed)

Vietnam Shengquan Copper Mining and Smelting Joint Project

Cathode copper 30,000 tons/year mining and smelting consulting

2013 (completed)

SK Mine Shaft Project in India

Design of 3.5 million tons/year lead-zinc mine

2012 (completed)

Dagongshan Nickel Laterite Project in Myanmar

EPC of 22,000 tons/year metal nickel mining and smelting

2008 (completed)

Lead factory in Delhi, India

100,000 tons/year lead design

2008 (completed)

Dongtai Potash Salt Project in Laos

EPC is selected with potassium chloride of 100,000 tons/year

2008 (completed)

Papua New Guinea Rimu Nickel-cobalt Project

32,000 tons/year nickel mining and smelting EPC

2008 (completed)

Zambia Chambishi Copper Mining and Smelting Joint Project

Copper concentrate of 7.3 million tons/year mining and smelting

2007 (completed)

Oyun Tolgoi Copper and Gold Mine, Mongolia

Detailed design

2006 (completed)